Submission In Relationships.
Ohfor some reason this morning when I wasgoing on my you know my routineisolation I was going through mytimeline and I was seeing like there'smy old page got deleted back in 2016 andI would like to be coming in to like alot of sheep around that time now goingthrough my timeline I realized even fromthree years ago I was finish it you knowI'm saying I was finished bullshit so soyou know what let me post some of my oldvideos for motivation and inspirationbecause like I said I've been in alittle funk for a while but I'm learninghow to grow and work and learn and movethrough the process insame time I'm the type of person likethis I can't take advice to somebody whohasn't been through I can't take it byit that's why some some people who arelike drug and alcohol counselor I don'tknock you if you never got high or had adrink or was it I love you too brotherI don't knock you you know if you don'tdrink or do drugs you don't feed but asa counselor if I come to and I mightknow how you do some strange but somechange just get hot and you can'tbelieve me because you never get highyou wasn't compromising your soul I wantto see I want to see the growth so forsome reason something told me I don'tpost of your own shade so you can learnso you can seeand then they can see to the lab a lotof new followers we 2006 East but it'sone thing that I posted from back 2007and it was about women submitting totheir their mates their men my culturefor example black women we have a hardtime submitting to black men and it'sbecause a lot of the times we've beenleft to pick up the pieces we'vewitnessed the women in our lives pick upthe pieceswe're used to being strong andaggressive and some people may saydomine you know but I'm very aggressivethis evening the fire has been in me Iworked in my timeline and I'm like I'mable to piece pieces about Michael thisis why having the knowledge that I'veobtained within the past three years I'mable to look back and say my Hammachergirl I want women to understand yes whenyou have a man in your life that'sreally going above and beyond and he'sproving that he is we're submitting nowmales you have to show us alpha femalesthat know we got the shit on up on ourown we want to see why should we let ourguard down you know I've seenand allow you to just come in and takecontrol you gotta show me I can trustyou you gotta show me I can trust mydaughter's life with you mostimportantly that's the most importantthing these are some of the reasons whyI'm single still and I'm single still onanother on another aspect because I'vegiven time to somebody that wasn't worththe type of love that I had to offerthem not to say that they are bad personit's just to say that they weren't theone for me but it's a learningexperience it's a learning process allof it is what I expect and I'm look atthe video from two years ago Ispecifically said the same thing show medaddy show me I could put my life inyour hands show me I could put mydaughter's I think if you cannot do thatgonna get shit for me you want some justkeep it moving go I find somebody thatyou can rock to sleep but your emptypromisesand you shoulda coulda woulda's cuz Igot the top boy cuz I'm raising a queenI'm raising a goddess you understand Ican't just settle for anything so whenyou approach me you got to approach mewith something that is going to knockeverybody else out the parkbecause I can finance myself you're notbeing a protector if you're not there toprotect me you're not being trustworthyif you're not showing something to trustpeople gotta understand yo you got ashow and prove you can't just say you'regonna do something not a punk you got toput action that's why there's so muchfire in me a lot of fire signs in mychart because I'm all about action I'mnot gonna do all it is I might not say Ilove you or gazillion times but I betyou ask this you're gonna feel love allover your body all over your body andsoul all over you wouldn't even have toquestion it but if I gotta question youyour intentions and if you are strongenough and I hate to say this man enoughbecause you could be a man when it comesto a number or considered a man andadult your mentality your integrity whatthat safe does it's a high school[Music]or does it say hawks because I'm tellingyou boss up on me I'll simmer that potall the way down I'll shut the fuck up Iwill neg I'm gonna complain you got todo what you got to doI gotta do what I gotta do each one hasto submit with one another the feminineand masculine energy has to be balancedladies if he's doing all it is for youyou better cherish that man this heartout here it's hard so many of us don'tknow who we are so many of us don't knowwhere we come from so if you have a goodman and home and he's taking care ofbusiness hold him downso life life it's a shortage theykilling our men they're doing timetrying to take care of us the babiesit's hard out here somebody need to hitis because I'm tired of beingmisunderstood and I don't want to run norelationship no I don't want to runnothing I know I'm Divine Feminine Iknow I'm the queen I know there are waysthat I can move that you can't andthat's what makes us powerful as divinefeminine and masculine you can move in away that I can't in vice versaagain you have to show a woman that youare worth submitted something back inthe day we gotta go - daddy daddy cannoteven southern Africa just tradition -what does that say if they look at youif you feel your vodka choose a weakmotherfuckernow you can't marry my daughter I deadwho wants a camera on the kidssame thing with women this is why momsthey side are you - you're not cook washclothes gotta clean you know how to takecare of boo-boos and wounds and you knowhow to rub this back when the world isagainst it you don't want to just fallback and just let him just mommy willsniff that out - listen I come here topreach the other night I come here topreach the other night I just had amessage to deliver for somebody to hearitso I'm taking my time off because I haveto free myself for who I manifested thatyou know again my intentions is on thetable but I expecting a man is on thetable it's always been on the table it'sbeen on the table since I've been doingvideos of 2016been on the table it's very abundantlyclear as a queen this is what I expectin my key I mean shit it's not thatdifficult and we make love hard becausea lot of us have a lot of hiddensecrecies a lot of wounds that wehaven't healed from becoming tosituations not even sure of who we areif you lack knowledge or so you can'tgive yourself to somebody else cuzyou'll even own a fucking hour so whatyou're giving to the next personI'm just very passionate so a lot ofpeople feel so I'm always mad I'm justlike I gotta get this off I gotta getthis out you know saying I gotta getthis out of me it's not that I'm mad Ijust felt like you already know he didyou really know he did that was that wasthe mental lesson that was the mind game14 aƱos of games that's why now I can'ttolerate bullshit I'm glad you broughtthat up brother that's the reason whyyou keep game I'm all the way when youdidn't bend when you didn't been throughthe shit you know I'm saying you see itcoming a mile away I hope y'all got sometype of positive lesson from my mess I'mI'm cleaning up my mess and motherfuckerI'm gonna look good while doing it cuzwe all got mess ain't nobody perfectsomebody can benefityou know I'm saying from from what Ifrom what I go through you know I don'twant to hear or take advice from ahealer or from a counselor things that'snever been through the shit like put meon somethinglet me hear something tell me what youand how did you get through it it's thetype of shit that I'm on I want I wantto learn from my mistakes and I wantother people to learn from my mistakesso it's like the moment somebody showsyou that they are not dependable theyare just not dependableever
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