Sly Fly McCartney Sips Tea with KD: Monopoly Relationships, Music, Fatherhood
to spaceship info about Pegasus and Ihave to match up fly todayand because I know my clients coming andI know he gonna have some fashion goingto change and all this I mean I saw youalways gotta pop out you never know whoyou're gonna be you know the answer soyou always gotta dress fresh the firsttime I actually saw you I was do thatlittle dance concert and I had parkedright behind you and little shot shots alittle shy she was she was the one who Iwrapped the car looks like that's fineyes then I came and I was like you callme sweet cakes and everything I was likelisten you need to be on my show shelimps indeed they're not what well ofcourse we're one and when you walked upyou could have been selling me some weedwhatever you had I was gonna give it tome yes when she hopped out I was youknow she was you know just anotherlittle fan you know say yeah she waslike just my friend you know we do thisand that you know and I was just I wasgone home ready to go what up you knowand you man you come up on that dancefloor oh you know I like to do what I doaroundthat's how you'd like to keep the linksyeah yes a little yes now where are youfrom Oh like I said I'm from a placecalled air a place called air everywherelike the air in your hair you'd neversee me but you always fill me there nowhow'd you get into comedy people peopleyeah they said they told me I was funnyI didn't ever think I don't considermyself are you funny for real today youwas on your way you say you was on yourway to the Olympics or yesterday youposted a video oh yeah no no that wassaying I used to they used to call mesomersaults like I was back when I wasback with the acrobatic addicts back inback a couple years ago about two orthree decades you know going gymnasticsand tumbling so you won yes baby I got avery distinctive background are youflexible now you think you want to likeyou want people this is your family oryour followers and then you wanna beknown as someone good what keeps youmotivated cuz you are like all the timehonestly well me being me just keeps itfun you know like the other one but butbut honestly when I start gettingresponse from people saying like oh youmade my day you don't know how much Iwas going through I thank you for this Ithank you for that just the people thattouched you know like I sent a personalvideo some one lady that was goingthrough something and she was just likeshe's like cried in tears and was likeoh my god I thank you so much thislittle shit like that gave me chills youknow a phantom they gave me the HolyGhost fill up now you come up with thisalright you have a lot of contactjust a guy like us I'm God'sentertainment you know and the peoplejust get to enjoy the shop and they doget them to enjoy this all the timesexing you I thought you cheat on meagain oh not yet he's just playing girlyou know this is so fun money okay butwhat are your goals like what you knowwhat let me say this first when I firstsaw you I was like you remind me ofJerome part a shout out shout out Romeoah so what is your goal because I seeyou in some comedy movies like blackcomedy movie with like Katt Williams nomatter what it is now to speak on thereit's a gift and a curseyeah then I have to punch a bitch in thehead for how to be like to take meseriously like I'm not playing this[Music]waves you got itso you but white when you have agirlfriend what is this you gotta bowhow many women you living with mygirlfriend got a wife this is thePlayboy Mansion look I'm not gonna begoing on and ask why not - you got kidsyeshow many kids you got LaurieI love you you are and that's what Ialways tell people if you want to takeany type of you know mildly accessingwhatever it's all about who you're withand then fire yeah make sure you weregood people someone that knows how tokeep it cool keep it where do where haveyou where you cross the street you don'twanna get hit Andy looking like thatmeet me what's going on you don't wannatrip but shit you gotta remember weparked at this Park back there by theblue car[Music]okay I'm trying to get bus dust away youknow I don't DC young plan oh yeah I'llbe good right there yeah I like Carlosreal silly I'm like yeah but honestly Ijust like fucking anybody fuck yeahokay so you have kidsfor you this star breaker is nervewrecking ball wrecking dinner whatthere's a lot of people there's a lot ofscreaming there's a lot of no just a lotof CEOs down so it's a lot of get yourass up just a lot of picked that up justa lot of put that down just like butwhen they sleep do they know thesefamous happy about it but just everydayand you like that you probably like thecool day the coolest dad on the blockyeah you know I just like to be cool Ilike to put out I like to put outpositive energy so that way it'sreciprocated bang the wing whack shitwhere'd you get that from like you'revery positive and then you know justhonestly the world is just so fucked upwhy not it's just so much bad stuffgoing into so many mean people like I'lltake a pair of shit like we neededsomewhere in my heart you know justalways been like that to just benaturally city silly or fun fun lovingsisters you know I get what my coach tothe homeless or I give him some moneyeven though his Aspen to taking thedrink with him so I'm probably keepingit I got the attention to give it to himthe use on the right are there twothings your family doesn't know aboutyou[Music][Music][Music]I like that what does my country boy thenice boy oh I know I think we talkedabout he made a country where can theyplease[Music]yeah my girlfriend with you talking backdisrespect cuz you got to understandwhen I think for us I'm thinking for usyou know I'm trying to do what's bestfor us so I put you in the best positionso when I tell you to do Soph for me isto make both of us do you guys all livetogether or do you sleep in the sameroom they can't live with you you sleepin your own bed yes yes we come back youguys don't fuck with them then I don'tfuck with youin your wife right now okay and I wasdoing Instagram you were saying they usenail technician[Music][Music]you were always family for the show ifanything else coming up that you wantyour family to know just staying tunedwe got a slew of things coming you knowthe train ain't gonna stop you knowwhich is again starting just the tip ofthe iceberg yeah yes okay we're gonnaplay a quick game I'm gonna give you twothings you choose one of the other okayawesomeall right so be out there JLo straightoff JYJ lo all right big you're a superha ha ha I like the realness in thisraps biggie wasn't lyrics us and he spithe spit real stuff what part was thestraight from the heart fuck you downthere on it you like if I can seal outI have no thank youthis is so much fun great time awesomebabyno thank you for coming you're gonnacome back againgoroh and we're gonna get a manicurepedicure together definitely forever uphurry up hurry up trying to escape yesoh no we're gonna get our peepeeboom beep beep yeah you see but the beatbeat yeah thank you for something I see[Music]
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