Man Talk Crazy Relationships Commitment Relationship Goals
[Music]no matter what you knew do not gooutside with the greens please come backI say inside you do call the policedon't quarrel do so when you have topray that sex is good but it is so crazyI mean it just popping up and banging onthe door you popping up in allI think that's all on a person I don'tthink doesn't matter women shit didn'tdo that shit somewhere when was this amy booze I know this girl's telling methat uh she had one boyfriendthis name was so crazy they'd be funnyshe just went to the B they go overthese wanna know we you are allowed tosee our barracks without getting evictedis when you leave a woman's house go towork she's been already calling somegirl just called everything we get thatone day try to go click boom Esther shewas that was your early when you firstthought that's one that's why when youfirst all minutes but at the well and ifyou've met committed that's with youbuddy got a girl like that you a you byyourselfyeah you can't be value so that's allI'm gonna say category to you know Imean that's not just one thingjust don't want you to be by yourselfwho or whatever would you yeah bitchI've never won how to tell when it cometo man if you see in me twice a weekonce that we were surprised man youwants to them discuss something andwrite a comment on track and saying nobut I think most women is cold is toeventually at some point just kind ofsettled a well that's what I think womenare conditioned to do ultimately a womanbut I think is even more than sociallyconditioned I think physically toobecause they know that they need tostart having children a certain age tooit can't be fucking around waiting todayforty or fifty so they kind of wanna youknow special me here 30 fucking thebells be ringing I need to send themsome need to happenyeah so nothing will be all they fuckingsocial fault you know it's justphysically - it's time to if I'm gonnafind a sub let's get on the board rightnow and ain't got time to fuck around bedate some there who just want to fuck meyou know I have a general interest in meI think that's really but you know whatalso but I think that the criteria mayhave to change - they may have to acceptthat guy something has to change inorder it that's it that's what you wantif that's what's important to the womansome other things are gonna have tofucking change[Music][Music]

” The Awful Truth About Love”
Produced by “Spotlight Art Studios” and Da Vision Pictures

This portion is of A Men’s Round table session: Man Talk/ Crazy Relationships/ Commitment/ Relationship Goals

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