Love Relationships, Heart Break and Getting Your X Back
[Music]welcome to land react on YouTube here tohelp you break through those fears mydarlinand start living an awesome life I wantto talk today about love relationshipshere in so many of you want to get theex back what is up with that and thenthey're okay and that you can cure themyou'll heal them and they really do loveyou and all this other stuff and thatmay be true for you there's some beautyin releasing the hold or the desires forthat love that is in my opinion this isgonna really rile a few people I'm surein my opinion not authentic from a let'sjust say spiritually deep standpoint inmy opinion love is not something thatcan ever be found or lost if you lovesomebody There is obviously a chemicalreaction going on that enhances thisthese feelings you have for somebodythis is a fact and that they actually goaway after a period of time and you'restill feeling that euphoria from thechemical reaction and so the loss ofthat drug is really painful much of itcan be physical attraction the desire tofulfill a lot of needs and it'swonderful it's wonderful we've allprobably everybody unless you're tooyoung to have experienced it yet had theamazing feeling of love and it'seuphoria and you think that's the onlyperson walking the faith for you rightwell if that were true we'd all be introuble so it's not true right and Idon't believe that there's a soulmatefor you becauseit's sort of weird that they happen tobe usually in the vicinity of where youlive your country at least right howcome your you know soul mates not overin Australia or Africa or wherever andthat might be true but let's face itthere's so many people for you and itwill happen when it's supposed to sowhat happens when you lose somebody andyou're not letting go first of all ifthat person broke up with you this iswhat they desired and to respect it isthe ultimate gift and love it's respectit is saying that I'm not getting what IwantI desire this person in my life but thatis not what they want true love will sayI truly love them I want them to behappy and so that means that ouch I'llrelease them there's nothing moreattractive than somebody who's confidentand truly loves you and allows that it'sthe person who doesn't accept it andbecomes almost stalker like that is abig turn-off and that is for me ademonstration that they don't feel goodabout themselves and they believe thatthis other person is necessary for themto be happy and that's just not true youmay believe it but trust me thatrelationship will never be the same whenyou bring that ex back I know there'sexceptions to everything it's possiblebut don't you think you have a betterchance of reuniting with somebody if youif you had a good relationship by reallyloving them and showing that love andrespect then trying to force somethingthat's just not something they desirecan you release it and be happy on yourown somebody said that they're reallyhappy on their own and they really wanttheir ex back and you know this personyou know suffers from depression allthese things inmaybe that person the last thing theywant is to be around you while they'regoing through depression and so youthink that your present is going toimprove them well why don't you allowthem to make that choiceI want my ex back I have to get my exback I'm gonna manifest my ex back Ihave my ex back all rightnothing wrong with having a desire andthat's okay but ask yourself wherethat's coming fromis it your your lack of feeling goodabout yourself or being happy byyourself still him the desire trust meyou know there's gonna be heartacheinvolved and all that other stuff weexperienced as humans but when you lookat your intentions and where that'scoming from you have to ask yourself isthat coming from a place of true loveand blessing them and saying I wish themto be happy and if they're choosing notto be with me then so be itI know there's somebody amazing for meand so so many times we think thatthat's it this is the person I'll dieI'll never be the UH oh you go throughall this you know the usual stuff andthen you meet another person who'samazing you go oh life is wonderfulagain you look at her what what what wasthat I was thinking about that otherperson so how can that be love becausetrue love never goes away it wasn'treally love it was more of the passionthe attraction the chemistry all theother things that go along with it andsure there's love involved in there butnot in the level that you may think itis otherwise you would still have lovingfeelings for that person I know a lot ofyou do you have exes that you still lovebut you just can't be with them right sojust ask yourself where are you placedwithin that equation and if you'reimposing the ego on that decisionbecause you require it in your life foryou regardless of their wishes so somany times that is the looking to theoutside world another person the job themoney the the love relationshipto make me happy and we do that witheverything in our lives and that's ahole that can never be filled so I'masking you right now how are you feelingabout that and if you can let that goand be at peace with it because thatpositive energy will actually affectthem it'll pull that craziness off heylisten I hit a friend who had to shutdown block somebody from everythingnot because they were crazy because theykeep you know basically trying to gethim back and his answer he said to meit's like there's such a turn-off just ahuge turnoff and that's how I look at ittooand I'm sure you have before the personyou break up with just won't go awaydon't be that person if you truly lovesomebody will release them respect theirwishes and if they want to come back letthem know that door is open and chancesare pretty good if you release them andyou're at peace and you work on yourselfyou'll find the perfect amazing personfor you because if you're not with thatperson that X it's not for you there'ssomething not right with thatrelationship there's a reason you brokeup you're trying to force somethingthat's not right for you or him or herright we're trying to make somethingwork you know you're not trying to makesomething that's not happening it's notworking happen and it's just it's notgood for you it's not good for themthat's a negative energy that's gonnareally make you very unhappy and whenyou can release it and be at a peacethen when it happens if it happens andyou get back together it's becausethey're gonna really want it they'regonna truly like love that you were okaywith it that's very attractive right soI've done videos like this before butsomehow it never seems to click peoplejust say yeah I agree and then they justyou know stalker stuff you know theycan't let it go but it's okay okaygot to do what you gotdo all right but just think about howyou would want to be treated and how youwould want that other person to act yourwhole imperfect strong and powerfulloving harmonious and happy blessings myfriend there's somebody amazing for youcan you be okay with that and knowthey'll come in your life and know thatthat person is not the answer to yourhappiness find that first maybe that'swhy the break-up happened because youweren't happy within yourself or maybeyou didn't do anything wrong right maybemaybe they're resonating a differentfrequency it's just not a magic it'sokayit doesn't make you less of an amazingperson just remember that namaste

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