Lets Talk Relationships
yo sup guys were coming back don't youlive and die wreck my room I got a pieceover you guys going to 400 meters aminute you know we're not gonna have notrolls I'm gonna let you right nowanybody come they're being disrespectfulto say bowels and pig bowel about meit's gone your block riches you got yourjob to do man do it as soon as you see abad message get rid of the box you canstayanyway relationships and um let me godrain the main vein and I'll be mockingmy short ass Hobgoblin will be back youwant to give the ring regulation boxer Imean we'll do a freestyle[Music]I'm not wearing padsthey come to the bow was that right[Music][Music][Music][Music]now PPT I feel much better who'swatching me but nobody's there tocomment yeah I bet y'all comment wheny'all see girl hold you the first thingyou're gonna do y'all have to be seewhat y'all see I got to run them out seemr. back over here too[Music]what is thatwhat is this bill bill bill put yourbill bill huh it's a baby baby any othershit baby no wait there anybody therewe're not being with you gotta use the -- with the - the one that you can youneither use either or the front one inthe front one in the back one to thefront one don't work huge back okayyeahso you ain't a nerd his so pretty guyslaid a so pretty but he is so pretty init that's such a pretty bag of the handreally not over[Music]they don't go beyond I'll use the one onthe back[Music]okay it's on mewatch it[Music]even compared to one because it's afriendI use on the front at work[Music]huh I said what nine seven eight sevennine seven one on the front one seven[Music]he's commonhuh they start your phone respondrestart your weapon which one of you all[Music]well which one did you go on first maybe connected to GP leopard Leopard Wi-Fi[Music]it's different or you still learn thelength at home it's not available maybethis one seven what she's trying to dothey get awaydid itI know nine seven sixthose three hi - where's your - yourkeyboard where's my - one - maybe no soI got four or five you watching theirlivesit's all you trolls that's what it isthose people wrongyou three one to see you sirding-ding-ding[Music]and with meoh yeah popularBrooklyn I'm not from Krypton this isBrooklyn with circularI'll get to see her corn I'm gonna likeit I don't show her face to I'm sorryI'm sorry something something waitreallyyou have whatthere's this son what's up Danny I gothere's that side of your hair shorterthan just your hair over here it'sshorter than this sideI feel all looks realoh you got it done in two so we're okayokay so you got a quick like I thinkokay I did it by myself straight thesethreeoh so you're a hair show you got a haircolor just so you know gynecologygynecology and I'm thinking I yeah youknow be a lot easier to look up in thephonebook around the white faces itisn't her pussy doctor rightit worked where are you girlie yeahhey I haven't beat my hair haven't triedrelaxreboundI think that you have much much therefor assholeshow do we meetlightsabers or you want to say that nowyou want to say how we metwhat's up the strange shitnothing's what's cracking yeah that muchGretchen no right now waitanyway why don't we think I'm in a longtime about women we just met she wasworking somewhere[Music]she's an Alabama fan man absolutelyAlabama she's not a bad thing I've knownher for a while but she wasn'trelationship with somebody still Iwouldn't now it's just ain't going fineso we both been waiting forokay so you gotta use that hole yeah forI need thiscoolwaitwhat we really draw me baking you thinkwe're table that's fine just don't letthat bleep you under his shirt honeythis is like one of my favorite shirtsno use me as a workmake sure it's not gonna bleed throughit shouldn't look like shit okay yeahokayall right[Music]there we go rate rate whateleys up myshirt every go you can ride on my bellyout nobody ever see that these shortsare black anyway so don't matterbut yeah baby there's one a.m. they'relike nice ring 9:30 a.m.telephone yeah I know man you're rightwith the spilling of REO man who I haveno idea don't ask me about big wordssuck at dating and the homework hereshe's uh she's working through thatshe's going to be she works in theliving room what did I have for dinnerKristin pot ah yeah with no shame yeahyou know Jack and Coke and then she hadagainya know it doesthe cold oh shit reallywhat is her name business don't ask hername is short stuff let's do it littlearrogance or a little-little stewardessOh alarm I supposed to sleep which sidecome hang out with me and we've had funsince she said what about Firefox thatroomkeeping the balls earlier John oh my godman doing that we were laying playing ohmy god did you miss usdid you do I missing you there so youknow I miss I miss some of the foodsthat man some of the food's awful siryeahand anti-arrhythmic aliensto miss having be there must bemiss you know me heaven no southernsouthern cooking foods so yeah good jobshe wants me to gain weight don't shitoff beat meregular disregardyeah relax man[Music]where you goingWowall right manager the most importantoutsideI have a bump in my bag look at my bagno in the super course we're on the toppart look what my black bag is there's asuper part right there below the handleno yeah on the outside of itno baby on the front yeah you'll seesnow right there where your hand isyou'll see a zipper and there should bea pin inside thereno where you had your hand yeah it'syour brother should be a bump in insidethereopen it black that blackboard that solidblackboard on the inside there no damnbullet no below that port no sweetheartyep lift up you see that black horrorthere that's all black yeah inside thereyeahnot there look inside the part of ityeahnot there all of thatit's there somewhere how much think Ishouldn't be in thereyeswhat's this restraining us from us mostandbut the pinions are you seriousis there a green notepad if they'reanywhere well there's a green notepadthere should be at the endhere no not in there they're justslightly before but noyou sure yeahwell there's a little green notepadthere should be a pimptheyokay hold on man here kill come comeKarthi oh yeahgoshe's 28 guyswith me I read yeahbecause Korea arrest no arrhythmia cancause cardiac arrestthe that will lead decided death how doyou say it was sireKorea a rhythmic past big I know thatbut how would you say a messiah so weneed to speak English and it's weird ifI'm going to Silicon desirable you willnot understand hello no I said she's 28years old outside so HeyI love Obama in spite of the haters isstill going strong and happy damn rightman they don't hate congratulate youknow I mean it's all good you know Imean at least if they hating on me theygive us something else a break you knowif you're talking about me get somebreakfast okay no worries you knowthey're just a bunch of trolls or idiotsyou know that they have no wife nogirlfriends are not getting laid if Icouldthat's that's all never sent me home andtheir mothers basements wrong whateverthey're doing you know at work butthey're a home way they don't have a jobwith it on welfare City Hall playing thegeeks anything else better to do at thetop so it's okay yeahhey you know whateach otherCheviotI'm not used to vlogging show my face inSomali Shoreswe're bidding live in between get livelife and joyyou only lived one you only live onelife god-kingsomebody go how you doing or not me wemet at a restaurantshe's working the restaurant said I usedto go there all the time and hang outwith Chad why better boyfriend on thenews I it wasn't very goodsometimes I do everybodybut we gotta let be one here in no lifeif you likehere's the like button there you go seethey like but there you go he liked ityeah[Music]I had Donnell Sephora actually mm-hmI used to have long nose but then I felldown hit her hit her like buttonthis issweetheart is one of the base friendsnever paid right she knowsbaby still wants you to do bad thingsbabies have livingjust tell her a bad joke sometimes noshe understands she seen me at my worstI mean when I've been out to the barsher boyfriend's a manager somewhere elseshe's hung out with me she seemed thatmy work she seen me being from she seenme being an assholeshe seemed my youtube-channel seen thehaters she's seen what bad he thinkpeople say about me but she don't pay noattention[Music][Music]wait I won't camera beside you doingyour work live shows like Tina Deanbroker in the mind Brooke kind of minedied so Tyra minewe dicebroke pain okay pronouncing wordsmovement I can pronounce it broken lineif I have a pile of mine just like herfull name I'm I'm a good don't say itdon't say we need this it's like it'slike I can't pronounce it I can'tpronounce her first name just fine butthe rest I gave you Nikki it all blendstogether so it's all good[Music]and yet you knows I'm having a teeth sheknows what's good okaylast time I watch it you had teeth waswell my teeth over there the backpack myto Peter broke off so they don't stay upthere I got hold of all my thinking I'mgoing dude I can't find Polly here hereso yeah so I gotta go back in this dudehere is gotta be pulled I get about somestuff going have all pulled we going itman I just I can't go this someone he'sherehump the bottom are getting bad thanfalling apart they're crumpling up and Ican't deal with any moreI got you uh have some silicone in thatguy I gotta get rid of it simple youknow so so it's my connection havebottom teeth you know me so there's mycan actually shoot my fucking Buddha howold it take me to be a long time ittakes a while but it takes one minuteokay okay okay okayEjim channels in Bucks County shellsstill got a lot just can't where I'm atbecause this truth roll-call sakeas chief here's falling apart so there'snot the help hold abovesoken Catholic but I do I could help alittle out my grandmother helped my goddo this horribleholy shit photo look my grandma well mygrandma was a fat woman aloneI drove a big girl she was like 5 foot 15 foot two and pull it dynamite she'sbig mamaI made her man she chased if you ask forthe iron skillet throw X 1 or 2[Music]oh I got a kiss oh my goodness don't youtroll through straw that kisses comehere boy watching prisonbend over son it's a gift like a manam I still open on activating you knowshe's telling her ex-boyfriend liked herto put a strap on on a corner my asshere's a joke got enough playing aroundup here seriously come on I'm seriousI'm joking I'm serious I'm joking backyou were thinking about becoming adeveloper during your French to workingon that yeah ah got itkind of yeahhe's gonna busy taking care of things soyou know only night that we got upgradefor this women talkyou sure earlier I figured a pig's eyelike a damn palacelet me know when you get ready rightokay good because I'm ready I'm going toreport all your sweatysweat normal sweaty warmer sweaty herebecause if I'm going to report I'm notgoing to write everything report I'mgoing I'm not ready and reporting I'mjust going to write down importantthings and I'm memorizing all the thingsthat are already hereoh hey amber uh holy crapolaoh my hips uh-huh yeah no it's not yousweetheart no those my shoesum-huh what sorry I've been urgingagents or bitter blockers you am ha Ireally I amrah rah propranolol some fellow andesmolol are the minority workers I dieI've been urging block better placardsthe drug that somehow all those allmeans in the last name Robin alone butbrenell-- all follow could be the dirt[Music]sorrybut she don't want less it's doablethatthat is home - okay cool baby daddy'shome - that's right daddy oh[Music]nobody's seen me questiondaddy's no daddy's homethat's what she said all right guysain't nobody talking andI don't know what he's trying to askquestions y'all want to ask forsomething I can ask just what would yousay thismy brotherOhdo you know what to be this one oops whoyou watching porno huh pornosthe most fucking sodium channel blockersmore prominent actions every time theplay cyanide and the cook alone theymight lead to like infection forI don't know man - I have no idea brohere then no oh I think man the bottomis legal in the country there should beI can't go I think I think you shouldhave but I don't do politics of my shameI saw combat dope I want to hear thisI gotta take care about this I'll seeyou later new to my channel likesubscribe share the video tell yourfriends haha yeah are you brotherhaha oh I thought we all be good takecare god bless I love y'allyou know much another life subscribe tothe video
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