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have you ever thought I can't standrelationships they're so hard why can'tI figure them out I'm never gonna beable to figure them out uh how am Igonna figure out these problems withthis specific person welcome today tothe max potential habits either podcastor YouTube channel where we will talkabout personal power win-winrelationships money mastery and thrivehabits to help you max your potential inlife in business I'm dr. Amanda Berryauntie's and today I want to talk to youabout relationships if you're someonewho struggles in relationships I want totalk to you about communication and giveyou a little bit of my background Istruggled my butt off in relationshipsfor years and years and years I was 15years married I left that relationshipthrough having an affair that nextrelationship was falling apart and ittook me falling down on my butt multipletimes to figure out that I needed tochange myself and that is what led me onthe personal growth and development pathinto becoming a coach forever gratefulfor those relationship challengesbecause they helped me see that I am thecenter of my relationship world I'm thecenter of my money problems I'm thecenter of being confident and creatingthe life and business that I want so itwas such a great gift and I also want togive you information you can catalyzeyour relationship success and feel likeyou're connected with the people aroundyou I didn't realize that relationshipsare a skill and that you can learn thoseskills in order to have connectedattached thriving relationships so onceI started taking workshops listening topodcasts YouTube everything I could getmy hands on to help myself in therelationship world I realized oh Ilearned some really interestingchallenging downloads aboutrelationships as a kid growing up Ilearned a lot from the movies my parentsthe people around me and none of themknew what they were doing were nottaught in school so I had to figure itout myself and once I was led down thepath of realizing oh you can actuallylearn how togood relationships it was so helpful andone thing I learned that's reallyimportant is communication tocommunicate your needs which takes youknowing what your needs are first you'vegot to know yourself so that you canunderstand what drives you what yourgenius path is what you're inspiredmission is who you would want to partnerwith instead of just kind of takingwhoever comes your way and trying tofigure that out figure yourself outfirst that's an incredibly challengingtask and it's a rewarding one that willhelp you have every relationship in yourlifethriving it took me a long time torealize that I didn't have to justcodependent we attached to people andtry to make bend and contort and shapemyself into whatever they needed me tobe to find my value and this was such ahuge gift it really had me struggling inthe communication realm because if youare a person who tends to want to pleaseall the people around you like you'remr. nice or you're a doormat and youstruggle with stating your needs andyou're constantly there for everyoneelse then you're gonna have a reallyhard time communicating your needsbecause you're basically settingyourself up to serve all the peoplearound you without having your needs metthis isn't a win-win relationship thiscan show up in intimate relationshipswith your kids it can show up at workwith your colleagues with your team itcan affect and influence everyrelationship around you so it's theopposite of what a lot of people thinkwhich is that if we communicate ourneeds than somehow we're being pushy orselfie selfish or greedy instead whenyou don't communicate your needs youactually are setting up an expectationfor the person that you're interactingwith to read your mind which isimpossible so what you're doing isyou're expecting that they know what youneed and you're thinking they can readyour mind then when they don't meetthose unspoken expectations you'reresentful unspoken expectations lead toresentment so start working oncommunication do everything you can tounderstand yourself understand yourneeds and articulate them to the peoplearound you of course there are ways todo this respectfully and kindly withoutbeing an assHUL no one likes a pushy person whotells their knees as demands so there'sdifferences between requests and sharingyour feelings and your thoughts andasking for your needs to be met anddemands yeah if you're a demanding jerkpeople probably aren't gonna like youbut that's not a win-win situation ifyou're create creating win-winrelationships you've got to startspeaking your thoughts your feelings andyour needs and this will help you createmore attached more connectedrelationships because connection isbuilt through communication it'simpossible for people to read your mindso if you were somebody who struggles inthis area start reading books startlearning about yourselfdevelop self mastery and readspecifically relationship skills booksbecause it is a skill and anyone canlearn I promise I've created thrivingrelationships in my life and five yearsago I never would have thought that thatwas possible for me to have connectedintimate fulfilling relationships Iwould not have thought that was possiblefor me and if I can do it I know you cando it and if you're someone maybe you'reon the spectrum or you're like oh myrelationships are okay they're notfalling down fault broken apart thenstill relationship skills will help youthink about your customers your clientsthe people you work with anyone in yourlife every relationship takescommunication so the better that you canget it becoming a master ofcommunication and articulating yourthoughts and feelings the more that youcan create attached connectedrelationships in your life and businessalright if you're listening today on apodcast or on YouTube and watching on IGTV please give me a review share thiswith friends subscribe to the channelsubscribe to the podcasthelp me help other people I want toreach five million people in the courseof my lifetime of building my businessNFA coaching and I'm not aroundwhen I try to help people with maxpotential strategies to help them thrivein their life in business I am highlyinspired motivated dedicated determinedto help you so help me help other peopleand don't forget to get inspired to dowhatever it takes to transform into themostpowered version of yourself so you canlead a rich thriving kick-ass life andbusiness

Why are they so hard? If this is you – watch and try today’s tip to create more connected, fulfilling relationships.

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